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†† †The Athlete's Foot is dedicated to providing customers with the best choices in fit and fashion.† Visit us in Raleigh's Historic Cameron Village Shopping Center.


The Athlete's Foot in Raleigh's Cameron Village (2035 Cameron Street -- 919-828-3487) is a franchise store under local ownership.† This allows customization of the store to fit Raleigh's market needs.

Our mission is to professionally fit shoes in order to ensure our customers achieve their individual goals.† Whether you plan to run the NYC Marathon, the Autism Ribbon Run, walk around your neighborhood, or just rid yourself of foot pain, TAF is here to help you.

Our Cameron Village location is well known for its FitPrint System and expertise in running and stability shoes.† All staff members are thoroughly trained to deal with all levels of runners and walkers as well as our clients with specific medical needs.† Our use of several major brands of technical running shoes and inserts as well as extensive size ranges allows us to customize the fit for most every individual's needs.

Feel free to stop by to satisfy YOUR specific needs.† If you have questions about inventory or product availability, please pickup the phone and call.

WHY US? Testimonials

By being a locally owned business, we are able to cater to our customers' needs.† Since opening in 1994, The Athlete's Foot has established itself as the Triangle's leader in the technical fitting business.† All employees are required to complete a Fit Certification in order to perform a gait analysis.† Because of this expertise, many doctors and physical therapists utilize our services to better help their patients.†

We pride ourselves on CUSTOMER SERVICE.† Whether you need a technical fit with gait analysis or you are looking for the latest shoes to match your outfit, The Athlete's Foot will find the best shoe for you.†††

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