The Athlete’s Foot in Raleigh’s Cameron Village, Garner Station, and in Durham’s Parkway Plaza are franchise stores under local ownership.  This allows customization of each store to fit each market’s needs.

Our Cameron Village location is well known for its FitPrint System and expertise in running and stability shoes.  All staff members are thoroughly trained to deal with all levels of runners and walkers as well as our clients with specific medical needs.  Our use of several major brands of technical running shoes and inserts as well as extensive size ranges allows us to customize the fit for most every individual’s needs.

The Athlete’s Foot at Garner Station is the second store opened in our family.  This store’s featured products are more fashion oriented.  Although the staff is knowledgeable on proper fitting techniques, a large majority of inventory is dedicated to the latest in fashion trends.  In addition to the “latest” releases, Garner Station also carries our staple selection of running/technical shoes and orthotics.

The Parkway Plaza store in Durham is our newest location.  Currently, the South Square area location is a hybrid of the two Raleigh stores.  It offers similar fitting and medical services similar to Cameron Village, but also stocks an array of Limited Edition shoes typical of Garner Station. 

Feel free to stop by any location to satisfy YOUR specific needs.  If you have questions about inventory or product availability, please pickup the phone and call.

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